Picture of campfire and a quote reads "As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." -Carl Jung Rvbycampfire.com

I hope this blog brings you a lot of light, so that RVing isn’t a mystery to you if you’re new to it and inspiration if you’ve traveled in an RV for many years.

Welcome to RV by Campfire! I’m Christina Goebel, and I’ll provide tips about how to plan better for:

  • selecting,
  • purchasing,
  • organizing,
  • upgrading,
  • living in,  and
  • planning itineraries while traveling in an RV so you can simplify the process.

“What’s your blog going to be about?” my husband, Gerald asked me a gazillion times.

About planning for better RV experiences. Most people don’t plan enough and they suffer because of it,” I said. (Nine months later, this is still true!)

RV and Jeep parked above a hillside.
We didn’t get this RV or this campsite by accident. It was cold, hard research. Photo Credit: Christina Goebel and rvbycampfire.com

Like the quote above, I don’t want you to have to live in darkness–a life you don’t want–when your dreams can be had.

I also know it takes months of preparation–sometimes years–to understand and embrace living more simply in an RV. I spent over a year researching and you don’t have to!

On this page, I’ll tell you about my travel experience, then answer some questions you may have about RVing. I’ll finish up with how I decided to take a risk and RV around America before retirement.

Trip Advisor travel map shows Christina has visited 228 cities, traveled 71, 585 miles, and travelled 8% of the world.
This is my current world travel map from Trip Advisor.

Rest assured, I’ve traveled and lot and had great times!

As a long-time Trip Advisor expert, Txpoet, I have 45,000 current readers, have traveled well over 72,000 miles, and have seen at least 8% of the world during my visits to more than 228 cities.

I was literally born to travel but my father had a better way of saying it, “He was born under a wandering star.” Me too.

I’ll share information here on the RV by Campfire blog and on the Trip Advisor website too. (Check for my restaurant and campground reviews at Trip Advisor by clicking the link above.)

My experience with traveling and research helps me help you better!

Besides covering the basics, the RV by Campfire blog will also cover ways to reduce stress and save you money. I’ll do this by sharing:

  • stupid things I’ve (we’ve) done in the process of selecting an RV (like not checking if the vehicle had any unattended recalls!);
  • how we planned and sold our house for more than many people thought we could!;
  • what I wish I had bought, brought, or known before heading out;
  • what I trashed and couldn’t take because I bought too much;
  • RV clubs and what they do;
  • blogs and resources by RVers I enjoy;
  • ways to save money in places I visit, including on RV parks;
  • cool souvenirs and activities;
  • itineraries or places to visit across America;
  • reviews of parks and places;
  • safety, safety, safety–I’m big on this!;
  • planning for better health on the road;
  • living with doggie in an RV;
  • Man driving RV in sunlight.
    Gerald was way more comfortable at the helm of the RV than I thought he’d be. Photo Credit: Christina Goebel and rvbycampfire.com
  • technical aspects of RVing (that at this moment, are blowing my mind but not my husband’s);
  • and more!

I’m an experienced researcher and planner. I hate to see people go through trouble when they don’t have to do it.

Why I decided to live in an RV full-time

When I decided to RV full time, it was a major decision based on two things:

  • My father died at 65.
  • I saw wildflowers along the roadside during a day trip and realized I hadn’t seen any of the spring flowers for a long time. Too long.

    Moth with stick-like wings.
    This is a moth in Branson, Missouri! How many cool insects do you notice a day? Any? Morning Glory Plume Moth, I think.Photo Credit: Christina Goebel and rvbycampfire.com

As a former Girl Scout, avid gardener, essential oil and herbal remedy lover, confirmed tree hugger, and die hard traveler who loves to hike, not seeing nature’s beauty from my office window troubled me. Not seeing mountains bothered me. Not feeling the wind and sun on my face felt WRONG.

I felt like I was losing my life by spending it in front of a computer in an office, working demanding hours, and not moving from my office chair.

Like many people, I expected to retire at 65 and travel the U.S. I would work hard, and one day, I would reach the point when I could travel and have campfires.

Some things didn’t work with this plan:

  • My father died at the age I planned to begin traveling America.
  • Retirement ages are creeping into the 70’s as people live longer.

Hmm. Then I wondered why I had to wait until I was 65 or 70. I didn’t, but TV, movies, books and other media sources preach it like it’s gospel.

Tree-lined path lit by sunlight.
When I’m working in an office, I’m not seeing this sunlit path or the Fall change of leaf color. Photo Credit: Christina Goebel and rvbycampfire.com

I didn’t realize for a while that society had programmed me to wait to do this wonderful thing I’m doing–20 years earlier than expected. Now that I’ve discovered the RV life, I’m questioning many things to learn what I want and what I’m willing to study to get it.

Wanna know something that floored me and my husband? When we told people we were hitting the road, they were happy for us–more envious than anything. Bosses received the news well. Former co-workers and neighbors ask for updates. Family visits. Family is tougher, because they watch out for you, but my mother was enthused.

Hopefully, though our successes and failures, we can help you enjoy RVing as much as possible and save you time in locating resources you need to get to the good part–returning to nature! ~Christina

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Want to share your RV story with me?



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