RV basket, two marshmallow roasters, RV bag, RV banner with parrot

RV by Campfire Giveaway

UPDATE: Contest Winner:

Margaret Rosenbrook

Margaret will receive her products soon!

People who know me well understand that I love to give gifts. It’s one of the ways I show people I care!

Thank you for visiting and spending time with me, for sharing my blog with others, for liking us on Facebook, and having fun pinning with me on Pinterest.

On to the RV by Campfire Giveaway!

RV basket, two marshmallow roasters, RV bag, RV banner with parrot
Win a prize to enjoy in your RV!

Prizes you can win:

  • a folding RV camper basket (it says, “Home is Where You Park It” and shows a cute little RV–the one pictured is mine and if you win, yours will come packaged new). We use ours to hold vegetables in the kitchen, but you could use it for fruit or picnics.
  • a Grip telescoping Marshmallow Fire Roaster (will give away one each to two people). We use ours all the time to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. It telescopes long so you don’t burn yourself and has a nice grip handle.
  • a Camping World leveling pad carrying bag (you can use it to store leveling pads or items you want to store in your RV).
  • or a Parrothead-worthy Happy Camper windsock. Outdoor decor is part of the fun of RVing!

What’s the catch?

Nothing. In the comment box, share your questions with us if you’re new to Rving. Or, if you’re an experienced Rver, share a tip for the newbies! That’s it. I’ll cover the shipping.

In the contest entry form comment box, write your RV question or tip, and also indicate which prize you’d love to win most. I’ll try to match winners up with their favorite item.


We’ll hold a drawing on Saturday, October 22, 2016 to see who wins each prize.

I’ll post prize winners here, so mark this page! One prize per person, so five people will win prizes!

Shipping Date

Prizes will be mailed on Monday, October 24, 2016.

Please include your address so I can send you a prize. I don’t send anything via mail unless it’s something wonderful like a prize or a card, and the RV by Campfire mail list belongs to no one else. If you don’t have your address, I don’t think I can cram your prize in an email 😉

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Best of luck! ~Christina Goebel | RV by Campfire

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