Campfire in front of metal bison sculpture.


Some websites have been more helpful than others during my search for RV knowledge. At first, I read many books, which I’ll detail in blog posts. After I learned general information and culture, I sought more specific information at some of the links below.

These websites were like finding this campfire next to the bison sculpture–awesome.

My Go-To RV Guy

When I think of RV authorities, there is one man I consider the star: Mark Polk.

According to his website, Polk worked with fleet service during the military, then with RV service, sales, and management. What I like best about Polk is that he’s a great teacher. You can learn about him at RV Education 101. As a former teacher, I know a good one when I see him, and Polk is a real authority.

Though he has an online training university, he offers a great deal of free content on his websites and through YouTube tutorials.

My RV Inspiration Source

Pinterest is based on pictures, so it’s a natural place to go if you’re seeking ideas about how to organize or decorate your RV, plus locate great recipes.

Others provided pictures, or pins, and I collected them on Pinterest boards, where you can view them all on one page per board.

Until Dec. 2015, most of these boards were kept secret, only for my own use. Now, I’ve opened them up to you.

RV by Campfire: It’s a way of thinking and believing in yourself and nature. This is one of my favorite boards because it’s an emotion.
RV Organizing
: In an RV, you need new ways to make the most of your space. This board is popular with people who are worried about how to fit everything neatly in their RVs or even tiny homes.

RV Essentials: Tips and tools to make RVing easier. Because this board provides a lot of tips on understanding your RV’s systems, it’s becoming very popular with repins.

RV Upgrades: Features all types of RVs and even tiny houses with ideas for making improvements and decorating.

RV Safety: A board that’s essential for learning how to live in your RV safely, without making live-endangering mistakes. Oh, we’ve had our share from a lack of preparedness and I’ll blog about that later.

RV Trips: This board has maps, itineraries, pictures and ideas for traveling across the United States.

Want to make money while you travel in your RV? I have two Pinterest boards that give you ideas:

Making & Saving $


To learn more about my trips on Pinterest, check out these boards:

My RV Travels: 2015-16

Where Am I? Guess About Where I Was!

RV by Campfire: Travel Treasures

Building a Fire

Girl Scout Video about How to Build a Fire: Has many safety tips.

Build a Fire like a Boy Scout Master: Site has an infographic too.

How to Build a Fire in Wet Conditions: Paul Scheiter does a good job!

Fire Safety

Smokey Bear teaches you almost everything you need for fire safety, especially extinguishing your campfire after you’re done. Site has a video too. Smokey’s slogan is: “Only YOU can prevent wildfires!”

Also see: Girl Scout Video about How to Build a Fire because it has some unusual safety tips, such as restraining lanyards and hair while tending a fire.

RV Books

Amazon was the best source for learning about books because of the book reviews. However, different books serve you better at various points of your journey. Are you learning about RVs from the beginning, wanting advanced options, or do you need specific information, such as how to budget to live full-time on the road? The answers to these questions will help you determine a book that’s right for you.

I’ll be updating this page soon with my favorite RV books and a picture of what I do to books I research!