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RV by Campfire’s Prize and E-book Giveaways

I’m excited to promote both a free RV prize giveaway, and my first e-book on RVing, RV Shopping Checklist-also free!

Free E-book: RV Shopping Checklist

Many of you are dreaming of, preparing for, or considering making another RV purchase in the future.

There’s nothing worse than buying an RV that doesn’t suit you. With extra planning, you can find an RV that fits who you and feels just right!

Problem is, it takes time, research, and RV walk throughs to learn what’s available and what works for you.

I’ve done all the research and shopped for over a year, visiting private owners and dealerships in many cities. Plus, I’m a full-time RVer, living in my RV selection since November 2015. I like the choice we made and I couldn’t have made the right choice without all the research and visiting RV dealerships–unless someone had given me a list like the one I’m giving you!

I’ll help you get in your own head and determine the RV features that matter most to you.

RV by Camfpire RV Shopping Checklist e-book coverBefore Shopping

With my RV Shopping Checklist, you can review it before shopping so you’ll know which features are most important and quickly find an RV you want and need.

During Shopping

Use the RV Shopping Checklist again to help you save money and time, by checking off items on the checklist that are present and working well. I also point out safety features you want to have included with your RV.

You can print out the checklist pages and take them with you while you’re shopping, so you don’t forget important items. There are many things to remember and it’s easier to have a list.

Free Contest: RV by Campfire Giveaway

RV basket, two marshmallow roasters, RV bag, RV banner with parrot
Win a prize to enjoy in your RV!

It’s fun to plan an RV life or how to enjoy RVing more! I’ve taken some items that I enjoy and bought them for my first giveaway.

Whether you hope to RV soon, or are traveling the country in your RV now, you can enter the giveaway free.

To enter, write a question you have about RVs, or if you already are an RVer, give a tip you’d like to share with readers.

The contest ends soon, so sign up now and good luck! ~Christina Goebel